B&D Center

B&D Center

A place where youth and beauty begins, we will be with you who dreams of happiness.
We cultivate the best technology and constantly study on the beauty and research to lead the global beauty trend.
We do not miss either safety nor beauty.
Professional medical staff resides in the hospital and specialist is responsible from consultation to surgery, and it is made safe by cooperation with the anesthesiologist during surgery. We will endeavor to live a healthy and beautiful life for each customer. In addition, our medical team helps to reconstruct the congenital deformities, acquired deformities and defects thereby their function and shape are close to the normal state. Please keep your beauty with skin therapy and plastic surgery at Naeun Hospital Wellness Center.

Characteristics of Wellness Center

1. Lead the beauty trend with state-of-the-art device
2. Professional medical staff is on standby
3. Professional medical treatment system with specialized cooperation system
4. Emergency team is on standby for emergency situation.

Medical staff

Cho, Ho Yeon
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