Nephrology is a specialized department to deal with all diseases related to the kidney. The main diseases are acute renal failure, multiple glomerulonephritis (nephritis),UTI( Urinary Tract Infections), CRF(Chronic Renal Failure), and Nephrology treats the complications of kidney due to hypertension and diabetes. Although the CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease) does not cure completely after treatment, there are a variety of treatments that can help you stay in health with kidney disease. It is important to prevent from progression to end-stage renal failure through appropriate treatment and management. If progressing to end-stage of renal failure, dialysis and kidney transplantation can be used to replace the kidney.

Medical Treatment

ARF(Acute Renal Failure), CRF(Chronic Renal Failure) (drug therapy, hemodialysis) , acute pyelonephritis, cystitis, hypertension, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, cystic kidney disease (polycystic kidney, simple kidney), hematuria, proteinuria.

Specialized Clinic

– Kidney Disease Clinics