Digestive Surgery


Digestive surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on treating the patient’s disease surgically. Naeun Hospital’s general surgery is divided into specialized areas such as colon, anus, breast, thyroid, laparoscopic, biliary tract, pancreas, and pediatric surgery.

Medical Treatment

Anal surgery (hemorrhoid, fistula, pile),laparoscopic surgery (gallstones, appendicitis), stomach cancer, colon cancer, hernia and breast tumor, Mammothom, thyroid tumor, varicose vein, pediatric hernia, pediatric surgery, severe burn.

Specialized Clinic

- Hernia Clinic
- Anal Disease Clinic
- Thyroid radiofrequency thermal ablation Clinic
- Breast / Mammothom Clinic
- Varicose vein Clinic
- Gallbladder Laparoscopic Clinic
- Burn Clinic
- Pediatric Trauma Clinic